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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blog Link Exchange for Big Traffic

Blog link exchange is surely an important way of driving traffic to your blog. But how does it work? The commonest method of link exchange is to link to a blog of you choice and the other blog links to yours. It starts by one party writing to the other and asking if they can link to his or her site in exchange for him or her linking to theirs. But what I find frustrating about this method is that links are exchanged only if both parties are willing to post links on their sites. It is a quid pro quo. I will link to your site if you link to mine. Period. But does it need to be like that? Why can't I link to the site I like without expecting the other party to do the same?

I have been think over this for some time now. Fortunately, recently I found the answer I was looking for.

This is what Michael writes in his article Link Exchanges ...

"Why is it that (new) bloggers these days will only link to somebody if they can do a link exchange with that person? I remember back in the good old days of blogging (2 years ago) when people would simply link to bogs that they liked and/or read. It trips me out how things have changed. Some of the requests I get really trip me out. It’s almost like me sending an email to Instapundit saying that I’ll link to you if and only if you link back to me. Yeah, that’ll be a successful tactic. Is blogging no longer about writing good content to get noticed or is it all about link exchanges to build traffic?"

To read more on Link Exchanges by Michael

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