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Sunday, January 13, 2013

To succeed you must DARE to succeed!

The reason why you may not have succeeded in what you are doing is:

Because you’re still search for the Holy Grail

Because you’ve been conned before

Because you’re not yet committed to anything

Because you’ve no clear goals or vision

Because you’ve no clear intention

Because you’re not willing to do what it takes to succeed

Because you’re not willing to take ACTION

Because you’re living in the past
Because you’re jumping from one opportunity to the next
hot thing in the internet

Because you’ve no time … so you say.

Because you’re not willing to learn

Because you’re looking for a turnkey

Because you’ve no money

Because you’re not willing to take any risk

And so on …… so on.

You know what? You’re not alone. I have been there too. But I
decided enough is enough.

I told myself … in self-talk … I’ll succeed no matter what it takes.

I accepted there is no Holy Grail.

I decided to forget the past and focus on the PRESENT.

I decided to make my intention clear … I decided on what I wanted,
when I wanted it and how I wanted it. I decided on my success.

I set my goals very clear and focused on one thing at a time.

I decided to do all it takes to succeed.

I decided to learn new skills and apply them without looking back.

I decided to stop looking for a turn-key but rather I decided to work with
what I have.

I decided in order to succeed I must take calculated risk.

I decided to invest the little money and the time I have.

I decided to take massive ACTION

When you do all these I promise you, you can but only succeed.

Thank you for opening the message despite your skepticism.

To succeed you must DARE to succeed. 

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