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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Network Marketing is about Sharing

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Many people have negative notions about network marketing. They associate network marketing with recruiting others into an opportunity, building downlines, selling, drawing lists of prospects, phoning the prospects, money etc. While these may be part of network marketing, in reality network marketing is something positive. Network marketing is about sharing your opportunity with others, especially those that you care about.

Sharing is associated with something good, beneficial, positive and rewarding. You share a good experience, delicious meal, a good story etc. Sharing is about positivity and not negativity. Bad things are not shared. Normally we share an opportunity because it is something good. It is something we want the other person to have and experience.

If we approach network marketing from a sharing perspective, we can avoid negativity. Those who have succeeded in network marketing always say that they do not try to sell the opportunity but they share it. They tell others about it. In other words, they do not attempt to force it on others. They just share and let those who want to take it, do so. They are not bothered about those who do not accept their sharing. The key notion here is share or tell and move on to the next. Share and move on.

The great network marketers know that you cannot force someone onto something they do not want or he or she is not ready for. Just like the Biblical parable of the sower demonstrates, not all that is sown will bear fruits. Only the seeds that fall on the good soil germinate, grow and bear fruits. Those that fall on the rocks are eaten by birds, those that fall on the dry land wither, those that fall on thorns are pierced by thorns and wither.

A good networker marketer is like a sower who scatters his or her seeds hoping that some will fall on good soil. He or she does not stop to gather those that fall on the sideways but will continue sowing. To succeed in network marketing stop selling and start to share. Tell others about the opportunity and the benefits. There are many ways of sharing and when you phone someone share, do not sell.

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