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Sunday, August 06, 2006


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There is too much information on making money on the internet but very little on how you can in reality succeed. Most of the "self-proclaimed gurus" do not give their "students" a step by step system that the latter can easily duplicate. Instead they overhelm the student with information. What I would like to see is a "guru" who tells me that I do not need all that other information and instructions out there and demonstrates this through his or her teachings. The few who try to do this unfortunately end up piling so many to buy resources overhelming their recruits even before they make any dime. What I would therefore look for is a system that gives step by step internet marketing instructions combining different techniques of success such as how to attrack highly targeted leads, advertising, prospecting and converting prospects to buying customers. At the same time I should be able to make money with my upfront massive action without busting a beginners budget. Does such a system exist or do we need to create one?

Perhaps it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. In the internet there are many such systems but as noted earlier they do not pass the test. My advice, choose carefully!

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1 comment:

Lisa Reddell :`) said...


I could not agree with you more. In fact, personally, I don't believe in the so called "Guru's". They tend to forget their roots; where they came from. And once they have our money, they tend to forgot their followers altogether.

Oh, but let's not forget, once they have our money, then they bombard us with ridiculous offers... $1200 for a 2 day seminar, thousands of miles from where we live. Fully realizing there are many folks who can afford to take the trip and pay the high fees, more importantly, most folks cannot afford such luxuries.

Or how about offer after offer for a "good friend of mine" discounted just for us. And the discounted price? Only $800 - today only!"

Give me a break!

I'm not saying that every "Guru" forgets about who made them rich, just the majority of them. The trick is to find who will support your efforts indefinately.

Lisa :`)