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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Follow Up and Build a Huge Network of Buyers and Recruiters!

This may sound simple, but it works wonders in the viral marketing world. Many people fail in networking business because they do not understand the magic of follow up. They bring people in their downline and organisation but they never contact them to find out how they are doing and give tips on how to build their organisation too.

Network marketing and online business is about duplication. You duplicate what your sponsor and upline are doing and your downline duplicates what you do and theirs they do the same and so on.

Go ahead and contact the people you've brought in below you, and coach them on how they can start to bring people in, just like you did.

Then, coach them on how to coach the people below them, etc.

This is really powerful, because if you start passing what you know down the line, and part of what you know is passed down, then everyone will start passing the training down.

What's a good way to contact the people below you? Well, you probably have the contact info for the people you brought in individually. Call them if you can.

But, you might also want to consider sending out a broadcast with tips about how people can grow their network. After all, it will go to everyone below you, and it will cause your network to grow too.

If you do not have a way to broadcast your message to your downline so that they will see it and it does not end up in the BULK EMAIL folder as SPAM, we have found a very good program you can use. It is free to download and it will also build for you the organisation.

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That is it. Follow Up and increase your profits.

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