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Friday, October 20, 2006

Involvement and Ownership

In this post we are going to learn about the importance of "involvement and ownership" in selling and marketing. Again Joe Sugarman is our teacher.

“Talk to the prospect as if he or she already owns the product and is trying it out. Make the prospects use their imaginations to feel more involved in the buying process.”

Joe Sugarman

When we get involved and imagine what it would be like to own a product, we’re half way on our way to buying.

This trigger applies both to in person and print marketing. For example, if you were selling a new sports car in a show room, you would invite the prospect to get in the car to see and feel and smell what it would be like to drive it. Then, you’d encourage them to test-drive it, so they could experience the turning radius, brakes, CD player, and so forth. Your print ad should take the prospects on a similar mental journey, but your ad will need to guide them through the feelings of pride, exhilaration, confidence, and so forth of what this car will bring them.

Find an involvement device that ties in with what you’re selling. If you’re selling a car, you might offer a free “car toy” for taking a test drive. If you’re selling on the internet, allow people to listen to your testimonials, or take a virtual tour of your product or facility. Use contests and challenges to involve people. Joe tells of an offer he made about Spelling Computers in which people who found the spelling errors in his ad would get a product discount.

Use This Trigger!

Involvement and Ownership. If you sell person to person, plan your presentation to include helping people see, feel, hear and even smell what it will be like to own and use your product. Get them involved in the experience on physical and emotional levels. Practice using the feedback you’ve gotten from previous customers about what they experienced with your product. Then, encourage people to turn knobs, touch and “test drive” your product.

In print ads, develop copy that is designed to help people imagine what it will be like to use your product. Consider using an involvement devise in your ad that will cause people to take physical action as they consider your product – even if it’s to clip a coupon!

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Good stuff. Joe Sugarman is a master.