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Monday, October 09, 2006

Traffic, Traffic and More Traffic is all that Matters

In any online business traffic to the marketing website is all that matters, when you have a good working system. Just like in traditional offline business where advertisement is the soul of success of the business, so is with online business. Today, I am going to discuss the two most important ingridients in online business that determines success.

The first ingridient is a good, workable and duplicatable system. A system is very important in any business even offline. There is a story told in one of Robert Kiyosaki's (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) books about the power of a system. He draws on anology of two business persons who started a business of selling water in a village where water was down a steep cliff. The task was to bring water up to the village. The first person decided to go down the cliff and carry buckets of water up and sold them to the villagers. He would do this the whole day, every day. Later when he had made enough money, he decided to buy a donkey and therefore increased the amount of water he brought and sold in the village. As he made more money, he decided to invest on a cart and therefore carried and sold even more water. His business was growing and succeeding but it was limited to what he could do at any given time.

The other person left the village and did nothing. But after one year he came back after having negotiated a loan and started laying down pipes and generators to pump water from down the cliff to the village. He put water meters which calculated how much each person or household would pay for the water used. He made the water available to the people around the clock and they did not wait for the donkey and the cart to come. He effectively drove the first person out of business. The reason for his success is he decided to build a workable system that supplied the village with water on continous basis. The other person failed because he did not have a system.

A system which is workable and duplicable is very important in an online business. But a system alone is not enough because online business is not like the village where the customers were determined and availble. Online, business is about search for customers.

Traffic is the second ingridient of success in online business. A good system without traffic will not work. It must be fed with traffic. In that sense, once you have a good system which is duplicable and working well, the only concern would to drive traffic to the website. Of course, the quality of traffic is important. But your success is determine by the size of the quality traffic reaching the website. Once the traffic reaches the website, the system takes over and does the prospecting and converting of the traffic to sign-ups or sales. Since the system is duplicable this should work also for those you bring in. If they too drive tones of traffic to their website the system will do the rest for them.

A good system therefore eliminates the task of contacting, prospecting and converting sign-ups or doing the sale. It leaves the person with one task only - GETTING TRAFFIC and DRIVING TRAFFIC to the website. When viewed this way doing business online should not be difficult but one has to make sure you have a good duplicable system. Then just do the traffic part.

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