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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Your Success is Equal to Your Why

Your WHY is the GOAL of your actions. Imagine doing something without knowing why you are doing it. What is the chance of your success? How will you know that the goal is achieved? A life without a why is goal-less and is like travelling on an ending road.

Knowing why you are doing something determines your success. Similarly, the size of your success is determined by how big or large your why is. A small why means a limited success. The bigger the why the larger is the success. It is true the bigger your dreams, the larger is your success.

Our lives are determined by our whys. When a child begins school at the first grade, his or her why is to move to the second, third grade, and so on. In the same manner, we move from on stage of our lives to the next because we have a goal. We know and have determined our goal. Our lives are not radar-less. Our why pushes us forward, gives us the impetus to continue even though the circumstances may be difficult.

Determine your why and the success in your life, business and all other undertakings is determined. Make your why bigger and your success becomes bigger.

Knowing the why means you will know when your goals are achieved. When you know why the end of the road is determined. Stephen Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People emplores us to "begin with the end in mind". Determine your goals and you have determined your success.

The why is the end. But if you want to succeed you must begin with the end. The end is the frame of reference or the criterion through which our actions are determined. Your actions must be congruent with your why. Keep the picture of your why in your mind and your actions will be determined accordingly. When your why is clear in your mind, your HOW, through which you achieve your why is provided. Your why brings your how. When you know where you want to go, determines which means, walking, riding, sailing or flying there, you take.

To succeed, determine your why and keep your actions congruent with the why.

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