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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Why Pay-It-Forward4Profit is Different?

By now I bet you have heard about PayItForward4Profit (PIF4P) or came across one of their sales website. If you have not taken time to check it out, I advise you to do so. PIF4P is a program with a difference. But what really makes it standout among most other internet home businesses? I will attempt to list here a few characteristics which has made it a success.

First, it is a DUPLICABLE SYSTEM. Anyone no matter their level of education and internet marketing experience can succeed in this program. A duplicable system teaches it members only one thing - how to bring traffic to the system. Then the system does the contact, follow-up, prospecting and conversion or sale for you. PIF4P members do only one thing only - They get traffic to their sales website. That is why you may be seeing many PIF4P website in every traffic programe you get into, forums, ezines etc. Now bringing traffic to your website is not so difficult if the system does the rest for you.

Second, it TEACHES YOU HOW TO GET TRAFFIC (leads). Above I have shown you how all that is required of you is to get traffic to your website. While other programs leave the task of learning how to get traffic to members, the PIF4P has developed a step by step success guide that teaches and gives its members all the tools for getting traffic. Isn't that terrific. All you need to do is follow the guide and do what it says. You do not require to do anything outside the guide. As such, you do not need to bother with all other methods and courses that are floating in the internet. If you stick to the guide you will succeed.

Third, it OFFERS LIVE TRAINING CALLS EVERYDAY. To complement the success guide, offer onward education to its members and follow up with new members, PIF4P offers different live training programs. The training sessions are also recorded and provided in the back office for members to access at their own disposal. For example, if you missed one of the live training sessions you can go to the back office and access it. The training sessions are done by the founders of PIF4P and they are remarkable. There are also a lot of question sessions where members get their problems resolved and share their experiences. The idea is also to help members explain the program to their downline. All what a sponsor should do is invite their downline to a training session. They are not required to explain the program to their members but if they can, they can do so.

Fourth, it is A FUNDED SPONSORING FRANCHISE. It is a solution to a problem. Franchises work. That is why they have modelled the system on a funded franchise proposal. For a franchise imagine McDonalds or Subway. PIF4P system builds your business like McDonalds or Subway. It teaches its members to do only 3 things. a) to provide customer service b) teach members how to take orders c) train new members to provide service and take orders. Unlike Mcdonalds and Subway, PIF4P is a funded sponsoring franchise - a low cost opportunity that has value. It pays you to prospect by providing easy and inexpensive programs to join with high value. It gets you into cashflow as soon as possible.

Those are only four characteristics that I think are outstanding but there are many others.

CAUTION: A word of caution. This program is not for everyone. It is for persons who are serious about making money and building a long time residual income. Dilly dallies cannot handle this. It is powerful. If you are not serious do not attempt to get in. Try something else please. But if you have what it takes ... Please

Check it out now...!

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