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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Know the Nature of the Prospect

To continue our learning of the prospect, I present today some quatations and reflections by Joe Sugarman, the author of the TRIGGERS, on the topic know the nature of the prospect.

“You have a great product or service and you’ve figured out the basic appeal of your product in both emotional and logical ways. The next step is to learn about your prospect. What makes him or her tick? What are the emotional and logical reasons that your prospect will buy your product?” Joe Sugarman

What are the motivations of your prospects? If you don’t know, you must find out. You will then create a sales presentation that matches your product or service with your prospects’ desires. Whether your product is sophisticated or simple, it is tied to emotional needs, and knowing your buyer will enable you to trigger those emotions.

Use This Trigger!

Talk to your prospects and find out what is important to them. What emotions do they feel about your product or service? How can your product meet their needs? How can you best communicate that information?

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