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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Know The Product Nature

In the past three post we have learnt about the nature of the prospect. In this post we focus on the other component of sale, the nature of the product. One needs to understand the product nature to be able to sell it to the customers. Again we learn this from Joe Sugarman.

“Every product has a nature to it that you must understand to be successful in selling that product.”

Joe Sugarman

Learn everything you can about your product. Be an expert on how it’s made, how it’s used, and how it has unique applications for consumers. Talk to potential customers and get their insights. Discover the true nature of your product. Then, consider your own personal experiences and apply them to the value of your product. Tell the story of how your service will meet your customers’ needs or improve their lives.

“Each product has its own personality and nature – a special series of characteristics that can relate your product to a prospect. Recognize the nature of the product and relate its characteristics to the prospect and you will have the key to selling your prospect.”

Joe Sugarman

Use This Trigger!

* Make a list of reasons why people buy your product or service.
* What are the emotional reasons behind purchasing your product?
* What can you say to prospects to bring out these reasons for their consideration?

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